PHOTOTALES at "Fotografia International Festival of Rome"

"Evidence" is one out of only four stories to be selected for the first edition of Phototales - multimedia projects at the XIV edition of the "Fotografia International Festival of Rome".The festival will be held at the Museum of contemporary Art in Rome from the 8th of October to the 17th of January.

The Jury wrote about "Evidence":

The image is a valuable witness of history, damning evidence of reality. So the work of Romina Vinci and Ella Kiviniemi is aptly called Evidence. Here photography expands itself: we are not only observing the portraits of the protagonist – an Eritrean migrant spending his days in a Danish asylum center – but we also look beyond his eyes, into his memory and unconsciousness, thanks to the videos shot by him during his hard journey across the desert and sea. (...)