Meheser, Turkey - November 2014


NOVEMBER 2014 - Every day, when the darkness starts, in the village of Meheser you can see so many fires. It is here, around the fire, which meet to warm up the villagers, and to stay together. They spend every night here, chatting and singing song about the resistence of the Kurdish in Kobane, a Kurdish- Syrian city under siege of the Islamic State for over one hundred days. Sometimes, the songs are interrupted by the loud rumbles. The poeple are able to recognize when it comes to airstrike lauched by the United States Military Force, and so they get up and begin to exult because it means that the enemy was hit. But they also recognize the mortars, and in that case suddenly are silent and crying, because Kurdish fighters were hit. Kobane is only a few kilometers from here. During the day from Meheser, looking on the hill in northwestern direction, you can see Kobane, with its buildings destroyed, and the smoke rising up after each volley of shots. Meheser is a little and poor village of five hudred inhabitans who are living by sheep-farming and agriculture. It is the closest point to Kobane and so, since the start of the war, many refugees have came here to escape from Isis’ attack. But also, here thousands and thousands of people have came from all over Kurdistan, to express their support andd their proximity to the fighters.