"EVIDENCE" at Crossover Web Documentary Festival

Crossover Web documentary Festival is an international filmfestival for the journalistic short format documentary (less than 25 minutes) produced directly for an online audience. 

CWFD takes place in Vejle (Denmark)  from Thursday August 18 until Saturday, August 20. 


The Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) presents a broad selection of the best student video productions made during school workshops.

Among the selected documentaries are several award winning stories: “Return to Infancy” by Louise Koustrup (DK) and Kenneth Koustrup (DK) - which won first prize at the Danish POY 2015. “Congratulations, it's a...." by Petra Theibel (DK) and Mathias Svold (DK) - which won first prize at CPOY 2015. “Evidence” by Ella Kiviniemi (FIN) and Romina Vinci (I) - which won second prize at CPOY 2015.